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Home Products Wireless ME8600 and ME8800 actuators based on the Zigbee protocol

ME8600 and ME8800 actuators based on the Zigbee protocol

Modulating Wireless Actuators based on the Zigbee protocol

( Spartan Peripheral Devices )

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The ME8600 and ME8800 spring return wireless communicating actuators are designed to work with Spartans Zone valve line for the control of hot and chilled water.

The unit uses a Zigbee compliant MRF24J40 processor from Microchip and is ideal for OEM applications which will be customized by the OEM/integrator to their own requirements. It requires a communicating network and proprietary software (see the Zigby site for details).


For Specifications and Diagrams please use the link below to download the PDF

ME8600 and ME8800 Wireless Actuators

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